What happens when you publish a photograph and a story on the internet and have people have their way with it? Unintentionally, the heroic image of a bare-chested Putin on horseback has taken a life of its own online. The hefty book 76:19:12 is a collection of all the online stories that have used this photo for illustration and shows the various interpretations of this image.

With this book Vincent was selected as one of the thirty Best Graduates 2015 by DUDE (dutch designers magazine) and part of the Graphic Design Festival Breda.






<a target= “_you”>

An ongoing project about the influence of pre-made, stereotype assumptions based on our online data profiles. In this project, Berit takes the ‘personal advice’ of targeted advertising quite serious. She forms an identity based on her targeted ads. By being the ultimate consumer, the data driven ads have a huge impact on her behaviour influencing what she eats, wears, drives, reads and so on. Lohtireb became her new target identity and is showcasing herself on Instagram and Facebook. Brands are tagged in the images and thanked ‘for changing her life’. For the critical eye, her real identity shows now and then through the content. On a-target-you.nl you can discover how Lohtireb arises.

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-25 om 22.59.50





X-mas or X-miss

The Coolblue Christmas Campaign was all about one question: Christmas on or Christmas off? Do you like Christmas? Then put it on! Do you feel like you could use your precious time for more important stuff than celebrating Christmas? Choose off.

Through Facebook, Coolblue employers tried to sway you to the on- or off-side by posting fun movies. We asked our fans for their opinion. Ultimately, the majority of the crowd chose Christmas On. To celebrate this cozy Christmas feeling, we posted the ultimate Christmas movie on the Coolbue Facebook and website. By choosing Christmas On or Off on the homepage of the webshop, the look of and product recommendations in the webshop changed accordingly.








The Internet Archive: Know your now

To make a connection to things that happen now, and content that exist in the Internet Archive, the Archive finder Chrome extension brings the Internet Archive into the web browser. This by showing relevant content from the Archive, based on the page it's content. All within your browser. Next to developing a browser extension, a new visual identity and social strategy was designed to position the Internet Archive as an contemporary, accessible platform containing relevant information.

Download the beta version of the Chrome extension

With this project Berit was nominated for the Drempelprijs 2015 in the category Commercial Practices.





Juggle the gay judgement

Anti-gay content is all over the internet. To make the internet a bit more tolerant, we made a browser plugin which will turn anti-gay content into its positive gay counterpart. This gay friendly version of the original anti-gay content will be posted online and is optimized for Google ranking. This way Google is more likely to show pro-gay content. Making the internet a bit more gay, one comment at a time.






BNO invited us to organise a talkshow in the Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. This gave us the opportunity to invite all our design heroes, such as Levi van Veluw and Ger Leegwater, to come talk about their bizarre and assiduous projects. We named the talkshow evening 'Monninkenwerk' (Monk's work) which is the Dutch word for projects that are particularly time-consuming. The identity we designed for the evening was inspired by stained glass windows.

It's like time was of no consequence in the work of some designers and artists. Is it madness to take on such a time-consuming project? Or does the majority of contemporary designers simply lack in motivation to take on something so assiduous? The speakers during the BNO IMG LAB event 'Monnikenwerk' explain their motives behind their impressive and time-consuming work. The line up consisted of Levi van Veluw, Georg Bohle, Ger Leegwater and WE MAKE CARPETS.






Hol y Quak

Hol y Quak is a creative team freshly graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. During our part-time advertising study we proved to be true masters of time. 200 hours is a week? No problemo. Because next to our jobs as a creative in advertising, photographer, teacher and designer we worked day and night on our academic projects. During these four years - in which we used train coaches as our brainstorm rooms - we learned that joining forces results in even more creative projects. We are Berit Hol y Vincent Quak.

Berit Hol

+31 6 414 98 525

2012 – heden: Art Director – More than Live advertising
2007 – 2012: Creatie & Concept – VandrVeen, Reclamebureau voor thematische activatie

Worked for:
M&M’s, Unox, Lipton, Sunil, Bertolli, Brisk, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Stimorol, Bubblicious, Aldipress, Sonneveld Group, Délifrance, Silvo, Paturain, Linesse, Bressot, Malibu, Tia Maria, Campo Viejo, GroentenFruitBureau, Aldipress, Holland America Line, Nutricia, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Saint-Gobain Autover International, Kennisnet.

Bachelor of Design (BDes)- Visuele Communicatie/Advertising. Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam.
Behaald: juni 2015

Bachelor of Economics (BEs) – Media & Entertainment Management. Hogeschool Inholland Rotterdam.
Behaald: juni 2008

Vincent Quak

+31 6 48 48 40 10

2014 – heden: Creative – Coolblue
2010 – 2015: Teacher Fotoacademie
2008 – 2015: Photographer represented by Benjamin Braddock Talent Pool

Worked for:
Coolblue, Fotoacademie, ING, LIDL, THEY, Parool, PS van de week, AD, Social Enterprise, Roetz Bikes, Lemniscaat, Randstad, Specialisterren, RADAR, Bertolli, Makro, Saint-Gobain Autover International.

Bachelor of Design (BDes)- Visuele Communicatie/Advertising. Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam.
Behaald: juni 2015

Photography – Fotoacademie.
Behaald: juni 2010