a target= ” _you “

In this project, Berit takes the ‘personal advice’ of targeted advertising quite serious. By being the ultimate consumer, she forms her target identity called ‘Lohtireb’ based on her targeted ads. The data driven ads have a huge impact on her behaviour, influencing what she eats, wears, drives, reads and so on.

Lohtireb is showcasing herself on Instagram and Facebook. For the critical eye, her real identity glitches every now and then through the content. Brands are tagged in the images and are thanked ‘for changing her life’.

To spread the word about the influence of targeted advertising, Berit backfires her new identity using one of the same stereotyping techniques she gets targeted with every day. Using a targeted Facebook campaign aimed at online marketeers, campaign managers, banner builders and other related job functions. This ad leads to a-target-you.nl where the true story about Lohtireb can be found.